Stephanie Schmidt-Salzmann

Graduate psychologist, author
Work as a clinical psychologist and in adult education

Born 1950 in Stuttgart,
1969 high school graduation in Stuttgart,
then stay abroad in the US

1971-1976 studied psychology in Tübingen and Regensburg
1976-1994 Life and work in Munich and Regensburg

1994-2000 Life and work in Vienna
since 2001 in Berlin

Collaboration with Quarts e.V. Berlin
2011/12 project coaching at Förderband e.V., Berlin

Previous publications:
1986 "Gringa Solita", in "Frauenreisen", published by Kneidl & Pfaffinger, Regensburg
1990 "The Meeting Place - A Chronicle", Karin Fischer Verlag, Aachen
2017 "Hornet's Nest", Verlag Beggerow, Berlin

2017 "The Meeting Point - A Chronicle" as an ebook at epubli
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